my sweater has soup on it. (luxcherrybomb) wrote,
my sweater has soup on it.

friends only.
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goodmorning, Kaitee-pants!
*yAwn* and g'day to yoo toooo
Morning! :)
can i be your friend? :)
blessed be <3 sara
o' course!
A Hoy Hoy, how are u. Well it's says to comment on something so.....i think your hair is pretty! :P anyways can i have that password thingy! ty...

~Loney Kandy Kid From Detroit~
hey sweets-
we need to dis-allow anon posting in candydancer...someone just posted anon and was mean to this girl who just joined...not cool!
just givin ya a heads up
how did you get that lil strawberry in your comments link? its so cute.
Hi... ,my name is Lauren. I was just leaving a comment to tell you that I just enterd your candy dancers community... talk to ya soon,
<3 Always,
hi there ^_~

i just stumbled onto yer journal and would like to read more :) i added u to my list!

You're LJ is SO CUUTE!!! Anyway, just leaving a comment saying hi 'cause I joined the candy dancers community ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ Hee, hee, I follow directions so well sometimes lol
i joined the community. <33333 you have a rad journal. can i be your friend?

Joined Candy Dancers...figured I would give some of the Happy Karma. If you need or want a guide at Dragon*Con just find the Oompa in backstage Centennial IV. I will be more than happy to do what I can to make your stay at Dragon more enjoyable...or at least more entertaining. Heheheh

Take care...and I hope to run across you next week at the convention.
hey i just joined your community, i thought i would drop you a comment for good karma ;-) lata
hi, i stumbled across your unused journal prism [see] and was wondering if i could have it... :x i need an anonymous journal and since you don't use it...
sorry, no, i had an incident a while back and posted all my journal entries in there. then i thought, "why am i making these public?" and made the rest private. it's the same journal as this one, up to a point. eventually, (soon, in fact) i plan on deleting my old journal entries (up to the point). it serves its purpose. if you need a code, however, i will be happy to deliver :D

have a fun day.
♥ kaiteee ♥
Um, hullo...
hi there
I like how your journal looks. It's totally rad! Will you add me to your friends list if I add you back?
o' course!


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15 years ago

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